Flemington Toothache

Flemington Toothache

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Treating Toothaches in Flemington

It’s possible to have a cavity, for your filling to come loose or fall out, or for your tooth to become chipped, cracked, or fractured and yet have no pain at all, at least initially. But the far more likely situation is that you will suffer a Flemington toothache in those circumstances. Here at the dental practice of Curtis W. Adams, DMD, PC, you can feel confident because we have all the equipment and instruments necessary for diagnosis, evaluation, and treatment. When handled promptly, there is every reason to expect your tooth to be strong and healthy again, and to stay that way for the foreseeable future.

All of the common causes of a Flemington toothache listed above share one aspect, which is that they open up a path in your tooth structure that can permit bacteria to get inside and result in an infection. This is a crucial concern, and it’s why you should get a full oral examination performed at our office two times per year. In addition, at the very first sign of a Flemington toothache, it is vital to seek out care from our office. The longer there is a breach in your tooth’s protective layers, the more chance there is for an infection to be sustained. And if that does occur, the remedy will not be a simple filling or crown, but rather root canal therapy. The good news is that this treatment has been made to be comfortable, with advanced techniques making that possible. Nevertheless, having a more complex procedure done is something that is best avoided whenever possible.

The most appropriate action to take when you have a toothache is to call our office immediately. We will see to it that you are given a timely appointment. With quick treatment, you can feel assured that a positive outcome is likely.

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