Flemington Root Canal

Flemington Root Canal

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Root Canal in Flemington

Flemington Root Canal
Flemington Root Canal

There is no more annoying pain than that of a toothache, which most of the time is caused by decay and inflammation deep within the tooth. Dr. Curtis W. Adams, DMD is specially trained to relieve the pain and save the affected tooth or teeth. Endodontic treatment, more commonly known as a Flemington root canal treatment, is a procedure that is done inside the tooth to eliminate inflammation and infection.

When debris and decay invades the tooth’s soft core called the pulp because of a crack, chip or other blow to the tooth’s crown inflammation and infection may develop. Our doctor will perform a complete examination and take x-rays and then discuss the problem and treatment options with you. Our staff is dedicated to making the whole procedure as painless and stress free as possible. Advances in endodontic technology and anesthesia should eliminate any pain. In a Flemington root canal treatment our doctor will first numbs the area and then inject a Novocain-type local anesthetic to numb the tooth down through its roots. Our doctor then opens the tooth’s crown and drills out the infected pulp using extremely small instruments. Once the roots have been completely cleaned they are sealed with a biocompatible material, gutta-percha that is combined with adhesive cement. The tooth is then given a temporary filling. Pulp is important for the tooth’s development but is not necessary once the tooth has matured.

Our doctor will complete the Flemington root canal treatment in one or two visits. The temporary filling will be replaced with a permanent restoration, usually a crown. After an endodontic treatment at our office the tooth is generally as strong as it ever was and should remain perfectly functional for the foreseeable future. The pain is gone, the inflammation and infection are gone and the tooth will remain in tact. If you have a tooth that hurts or is sensitive to temperature extremes please come to our endodontic practice so we can help relieve the pain.

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