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Dental Cleanings in Flemington

Dental cleanings should be a twice-yearly ritual here at the office of our Flemington best dentist, Curtis W. Adams, DMD, PC. Periodontal cleanings are similar, but go deeper and are necessary only when you are experiencing the effects of advanced gum disease. By making sure you get your dental cleaning on schedule, you’ll greatly reduce the possibility of needing a periodontal cleaning in your near future.

Dental plaque is an invisible, film-like bacteria. Gum disease can always be traced back to its effects. Likewise, the appearance of dental plaque is based on the amount of sugar and starch in your diet. Between six month visits to our Flemington best dentist, it is essential to brush your teeth at least twice per day, morning and night, in an effort to remove as much plaque as possible. If you can, by all means brush after meals, as well. When you are preparing for bed, be sure to also floss between your teeth. Any plaque that manages to avoid your oral hygiene efforts will eventually harden, becoming tartar. The reason that is significant is that you cannot remove tartar on your own. It takes a dental cleaning to do so. That’s one major benefit, but there is another. Dental cleanings reverse the signs of early stage gum disease, or gingivitis. Those signs are typically mild irritation and redness. Otherwise, you may find that the progression of gum disease leads to more severe symptoms, including bleeding when brushing, persistent bad breath, and receding gums. You might lose vital bone and gum tissue, and your teeth can ultimately loosen as a result. The later stage of gum disease is called periodontitis, and it takes a periodontal cleaning to reverse it. This means our Flemington dentist getting down to the roots to remove plaque and tartar so that your gums can heal an return to their natural pink, vibrant state.

Please schedule your next dental cleaning by contacting our office right now. Do right by your gums, and they will do right by you.

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