Cosmetic dentist in Flemington

Cosmetic Dentist in Flemington

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Veneers in Flemington

Cosmetic dentist in Flemington
Cosmetic dentist in Flemington

Better-looking teeth can be easier to attain than you might realize. If you’re not satisfied with how some of your teeth appear in terms of size, shape, color, or spacing, you can benefit from veneers here at the office of Curtis W. Adams, DMD, PC.

Veneers are thin shells that are used to cover the imperfections in those teeth that you have issues with. Porcelain is a favored material for the making of them, because it matches your tooth color, is durable, and resists stains due to personal habits like tobacco use, coffee or tea drinking, or eating berries and other foods that are known to cause loss of tooth whiteness. Just a few of the reasons that you may want to make use of veneers from our cosmetic dentist in Flemington are due to chipped or cracked teeth; misshaped or poorly-sized teeth; discoloration; crooked teeth; or gaps between teeth that are too wide to be aesthetically pleasing. Come in for a consultation where our cosmetic dentist in Flemington will answer all your questions and discuss your goals with you. Impressions are taken and then sent to the dental lab, where your veneers will be crafted to the utmost of precise standards. They will then be fitted on your next visit. If any adjustments are required, they will be taken care of. Only when you are sure you are happy with how they look and feel will they be bonded to your teeth. A minimal amount of tooth material will be filed off those teeth getting veneers. This is done so that they will not protrude. The goal is a uniform, natural-looking smile.

Our cosmetic dentist in Flemington will solve your cosmetic dental problems in the long term with veneers. Contact our office to book a convenient time for an appointment.

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