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Dental Emergencies in 08822

08822 dentist
08822 dentist

Few things will get your attention quite like a toothache. When you have pain in your tooth, it is most certainly an emergency. At the office of Curtis W. Adams, DMD, PC, our 08822 dentist will see you in a timely manner and address the reasons for your toothache to provide relief and if possible, save the tooth.

Probably the most common type of toothache, and also the easiest to treat, is a cavity (or a lost filling from a previous cavity treatment). Your tooth enamel serves as a protective barrier for your teeth, so when a cavity forms, it means that the barrier has been breached. The nerve inside is exposed, however minimally, and then you have a toothache. The exposure of the nerve is also the reason behind why you feel pain from a chipped or cracked tooth. Some people try to tough out a toothache, but our 08822 dentist recommends that you don’t do so. For one thing, it is unlikely that the toothache will just go away without any action taken. For another, what starts out as something simple to remedy can become a more complex and unpleasant situation if you delay. The longer that the inner part of the tooth is left exposed, and the bigger the opening, the greater likelihood there is of a bacterial infection being sustained. And if that happens, you go from a filling or a crown to needing root canal therapy. And while advancements in the field have meant that it is no longer a scary or uncomfortable procedure, it is still one you would prefer to avoid. Besides, not all infections can be treated successfully. You could lose the tooth. It’s best to take prompt action.

Our 08822 dentist is ready to take care of your toothache. Call us right away.

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