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08822 Dental Implants

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Implants in 08822

08822 dental implants
08822 dental implants

We at the dental office of Curtis W. Adams, DMD, PC want you to know all about implants, and how they restore your full smile without the drawbacks associated with traditional options like bridges or dentures. Unlike those treatments, which do get the job done, our 08822 dental implants get the job done with new teeth that are so much like natural ones, you are likely to forget that they’re not your original ones.

There are two components that are crucial to an implant. The first is obvious, which is the tooth. Bridges and dentures give you the same thing. What makes our 08822 dental implants something totally different is that each one has a root that goes beneath the gums and is anchored directly into your jaw. Vitally, this is the same type of structure that your real teeth have. It’s because of this construction that an implant looks, feels, and performs like a natural tooth, to the point where you can chew any food with total confidence. The root comes first, as you may have guessed. Our implant dentist surgically places it in your jaw, after which your bone tissue starts to immediately grow around it. Within a few months, your bone will have fused with the post fully. This gives you a dependable foundation, as well as preserving facial contours and keeping your gum and bone in that area from atrophying. The next step is to take impressions. The dental lab uses those to make your tooth, a crown fashioned out of material like porcelain that is nearly identical to the color of your other teeth. The crown is cemented to the post, and that’s all there is to it.

To get started on our 08822 dental implants, reach out to our office and schedule an consultation and examination to ensure that you’re a good candidate for them.

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